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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have become a major resource for consumers searching for products and services. 73% of all searches for businesses products and services are conducted on the Internet compared to 23% for printed Yellow Page directories (Source – 15 Miles Local Search Study 2010).

78% of Internet users conduct product research online and 50% of consumers spend 75% or more of their total shopping time conducting online research (Source - Search Engine Land, February 2010). Worldwide, we conduct 88,000,000 searches per month on Google.

It is important to rank well in Search Engine results as 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results and 60% of all organic clicks go to the top three organic search results. 70% of the links users click on are organic links and not paid links.

Keyword Research:

Many Americans begin their purchasing experience by doing online research to compare prices, quality, and the reviews of other shoppers. Even if they end up making their purchase in a store, they start their fact-finding and decision-making on the Internet. To do this, they type keywords into sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL. The engines then rank sites related to these keywords based on relevance and authority.

Search engines extract these keywords from your on-page text, headers, page titles, inbound links and other factors. However, you might not have made a conscious decision to target those keywords. Even if you did, you might not be monitoring your rankings or have a sense of how good your chances are of ranking well for those keywords.

Choosing the right keywords is often the difference between getting found online or not getting found. As a result, keyword research is the foundation of an effective online marketing strategy for increasing Search Engine Ranking for your website resulting in increased traffic and business.

Typically we visit your competitor sites to determine keyword strategy that may have already been implemented. We then use Google Keyword Tool website application to determine keyword phrases and variations of those keywords that might be targeted.

We then sort those keyword phrases by monthly search volume. We also review the competitiveness of a keyword phrase. If it’s too competitive, it may make sense to target a different keyword phrase with less competition.

Once all keyword possibilities with sufficient search volumes are selected, keywords must then be filtered for relevancy. You don’t just want to pull in traffic. You want to ensure that your traffic is of high quality. Quality traffic helps you convert your visitors into customers at a higher rate.

SEO Markup:

We then optimize pages with title, keywords, description, editing of copy for keyword frequency and addition of alt and title image tags to each page along with other work to assist with having your site obtain higher organic search engine ranking that results in additional traffic to your new website.

Google Analytics is a free and comprehensive website statistics package that generates detailed statistics about visitors to your website that is FREE. Typically, we generate a Google Analytics account for every web development project we undertake and add the tracking code within an installed Google Analytics Plugin as part of your Content Management System.

Other SEO services:

Other Search Engine Optimization services we provide include utilizing WebPosition Site Submitter to submit your site to various Search Engines. We also add your website URL to manually as many Search Engines rely on DMOZ to provide search results. A robots.txt file is added to direct search engines to crawl your site and also to exclude pages on your site that you may want excluded from Search Engine results.

We also add your website to our Google Webmaster Tools Account, then verify your site. Our SEO consultant will use Google Webmaster Tools Account to review when Search Engines last visited your site and also to determine if there were any page errors. Our SEO Consultant also creates a Google XML Sitemap file and Yahoo URL List File in order that Search Engines will find and index all your sites pages.

While on-page optimization is a good first step, you will ultimately get as much leverage by having other sites link to your website. Inbound links used to just be a source of referral traffic. Now, they influence your search engine rankings as well.

Google was the first search engine to use inbound links as a significant ranking factor. They viewed a link from one site to another as a ‘vote’ for the target site. The more votes you have, the more authoritative your site is considered. InteractiveWest can also assist you in determining linking strategies to help increase your overall Search Engine ranking.

Local Search:

InteractiveWest also provides a Local Search service where we manage your business listing through a Local Distribution Network of more than 100 Local Directories and Mobile Local Search Platforms such Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local,,,, Dex Online, TripAdvisor, Facebook , Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, MerchantCircle,, Matchpoint, Kudzu and TomTom navigation devices.

Improving your Local Search visibility makes it easier for potential customers to find your business. Your business will appear in local results featured within major Search Engine results (Google, Bing and Yahoo) as well as Local Directory (,,,, etc.) results for your local area. Marketing your business online within Local Search results is a cost-effective way to reach new customers. Your business listing in Local Directories often contains a link to your website that both visitors and search engines use to find your website and learn more about your business. This, in turn, also helps improve your overall website ranking with major search engines.

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