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Portfolio - NeckX Systems


Project Overview

2 Rivers Multi-Media hired InteractiveWest to provide xhtml coding, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing services for NeckX Systems new WordPress website.

About NeckX Systems

NeckX was developed initially as a solution to the constant pain and fatigue experienced by US fighter Pilots. Due to the high G forces they experience flying their high performance fighter aircraft, fighter pilots are constantly battling to maintain their neck mobility. The developers of NeckX sought out a simple, inexpensive, easy to use solution to this problem and to give US fighter pilots a competitive edge. During the development of NeckX, they discovered that NeckX is not only useful for fighter pilots, but can apply to many other people including professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, a stay at home parent, or one who works many hours in front of a computer. NeckX helps individuals stretch and strengthen their neck, improve their mobility and posture, and ultimately reduce their stress.



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