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Portfolio - Tehama


Project Overview

Tehama, a national sportswear and luxury men’s and women’s apparel brand, has hired InteractiveWest to provide programming services for their new corporate website. Services included xhtml coding and buildout of Joomla Content Management System, content buildout, and Javaascript slideshow featuring Tehama's latest sports apparel. Graphic Design services were provided by Twist Design Group.

About Tehama

TEHÁMA, a Native American word that means "abundance of nature," is a line of high-end, contemporary men’s and women’s active wear. Founded in 1997, TEHÁMA has become one of the fastest growing luxury and lifestyle brands in the country. The line was named to the Robb Report’s "Best Apparel Brands" top five list, three years in a row. It is currently sold in better pro shops and resorts, as well as at better department stores. Teháma was acquired by FAM Brands, LLC in January 2012.



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