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Portfolio - Colorado Software & Internet Association


Project Overview

Colorado Software and Internet's Website Project was InteractiveWest's first web development project for a Denver Client. InteractiveWest was responsible for recoding initial site designed by Spire Media and to buildout content from scratch. Copywriting for the new site involved researching prior emails sent to members regarding past events, membership benefits, history along with interviews with CSIA Board of Directors and founders of the organization. InteractiveWest was also hired to produce CSIA's 2005 Apex Awards event in which our firm provided original animation/illustration and original music production for feature video presentation and technical director/production services during the event along with direct mail design and production plus Apex Awards Program design and print production prior to the event.

About Colorado Software and Internet Association

CSIA is the state's leading technology trade organization delivering quality programs and events for their 350 members that include Fortune 500 high-tech companies, governmental and economic development agencies, venture capitalists, service providers and entrepreneurs.



InteractiveWest believes in partnering with clients who will give us the freedom to create great web development solutions and interactive marketing campaigns, who's products and services can provide an authentic experience which delivers on its promises. InteractiveWest is committed to creating interactive solutions that stand out, create positive results for our clients and most importantly creates a better life experience for all of us.