"Let the beauty we love be what we do..."

As an internationally renowned watercolor artist, Linda Roberts has spanned the globe painting scenes and subject matter that inspire collectors and lovers of fine art worldwide. Linda’s command of the watercolor medium is evident in her masterful portrayal of majestic vistas, the subtle rendering of a still life and in glimpses of everyday life encountered in her travels abroad and throughout the US. She conveys these vivid impressions simply, using transparent colors, softened textures and detail.

Critically acclaimed early in her career as a painter of winter snow scenes and skiing, she is equally at ease painting a tranquil seascape, a crisp New England town, a bouquet of daisies or a Tuscan hillside enclave. With countless commissions to her credit, she now enjoys the luxury of studying any subject that strikes her whimsy. She continues to define new methods and ways of conveying her skill.
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