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Followup Marketing Free Report

InteractiveWest can help transform your sales efforts from expensive OUTBOUND "hunting" to INBOUND "harvesting" where you’re working smarter and landing sales left and right. You can spend your time more efficiently and effectively knowing that your prospects will call you when they're ready to move forward. Learn how to convert 2-4 times more sales from already existing leads through effective follow up marketing tips contained in our FREE REPORT!

Successful Marketing

Marketing can be defined in many ways. But there are three factors, and only three factors, that influence the profitability of any marketing effort. 3 Factors towards a simple, butpowerful formula are: The Right message, to the Right Market and at the Right Time.

Cherry Picking

Every time you run a marketing campaign, the leads you get are typically divided into three categories Hot, Warm and Cold. There’s nothing wrong with spending your time with hot leads. The problem of cherry picking comes when you neglect ALL THOSE WARM LEADS!

Timing is Everything

People will buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to make a sale. In other words, you have to followup with them...RELIGIOUSLY! Staying in front of the prospects on a consistent basis is probably the single greatest opportunity to increase sales in your business.

Outbound & Inbound Marketing

When you’re in “Hunting” mode, you’re dialing for dollars. You waste tons of time working with leads who are SIMPLY NOT READY TO BUY. On the other hand, when you’re in“Harvesting” mode you’re working smarter and landing sales left and right.

Customer Database

If you want a strong customer base that is the backbone of business, you must actively,systematically and methodically BUILD YOUR CUSTOMER BASE. When you combine a solid customer database with the power of sequential followup campaigns, you have the ability to land lots of new business in a short period of time

Education, Repetition & Variety

Over 99% of small businesses don’t properly follow up with prospects. There are 3 Elements of Effective Followup Marketing including Education through followup emails, direct mail and phone calls; Repetition where your prospects have to see the same thing over and over before it sinks in; and Variety where your business message doesn’t vary but its delivery does.

Automated Marketing Software

Learn how the power of automating your followup and putting your entire business onauto pilot!

logo InteractiveWest believes in partnering with clients who will give us the freedom to create great web development solutions and interactive marketing campaigns, who's products and services can provide an authentic experience which delivers on its promises. InteractiveWest is committed to creating interactive solutions that stand out, create positive results for our clients and most importantly creates a better life experience for all of us.